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The Yerba Buena Chapter of the Photographic Society of America (PSA) was founded in 1973 by Joseph P. Fallon, Jr. to bring closer ties with PSA into the Bay Area.  It comprises all PSA members in the following counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Monterey, Napa, San Benito, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano and Sonoma. Membership in the Yerba Buena Chapter is free of charge.

Our purpose is to provide additional educational opportunities to photographers, whether PSA members or not, and to spread the word about our parent organization, PSA. To that end we sponsor two all-day Chapter programs during the year, featuring either well-known photographers or special hands-on workshops, which are always well attended. The fee structure is generally modest, and less for PSA members than non-members. Presenters of some of our past programs include Sam Abell, Huntington Witherill, André Gallant, Gary Crabbe, Brenda Tharp, Jeremy Sutton, and Steve Traudt. We also hold Judges Seminars, including one run in spring 2013 with the purpose of attracting new judges for the local club level, which was very successful.

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Yerba Buena Supports
November 7 - 9

FotoClave 2014 promises to be one of the best ever with major speakers Tony Sweet, Nikon "Legend Behind the Lens," and Canon Explorer of Light, Rick Sammon.
Please check out our flyer with all of the details inclucing he Registration form by clicking here. You can now register on line.


Sponsored by the Northern California Council of Camera Clubs (N4C) with the support of the San Joaquin Valley Council of Camera Clubs (SJVCCC) and clubs from the former Central California Counties Council of Camera Clubs (6C), FotoClave is an annual weekend conference begun in 1957 that offers extraordinary speakers for an entire weekend. Traditionally, it has two keynote speakers of national renown and a full day of educational talks by well-versed local photographers. In addition, FotoClave continues the practice of an annual photographic competition among the three councils in both prints and electronic images.

This year FotoClave will be held at the Concord Hilton hotel beginning Friday evening, November 7 with Canon Explorer of Light Rick Sammon. Saturday will host speakers Michael Frye, Gary Crabbe, Gail Pierce, Eric Harness, Pat Toth-Smith, John Ballou, Lisa Rigge, Joe Hearst and Michael Maloney covering a wide-range of photographic topics, among them how to take unique images in Yosemite, iphonography, using the Photographer’s Ephemeris, creating extraordinary images from ordinary objects, and hand coloring digital prints.

Saturday evening directly following the banquet, we will hear a presentation by Tony Sweet, a Nikon “Legend Behind the Lens.” who will also give us instruction on Sunday morning. Tony specializes in fine art photography, in-camera techniques and uses a wide variety of post-processing software.

© Tony Sweet 2014

© Rick Sammon 2014


     Although it has been over a year since the Judges Seminar led by Jon Fishbach, the PSA Education Chairman, was completed, it is always possible to become an N4C judge.
Without the formal seminar, judge wannabees should seek guidance in N4C's Judges Manual which is available on their website. Individual topics in the Manual can be reached directly by clicking on the titles below:
Fishbach's notes for the seminar begin on page 73.
Additionally, a number of the Judging Mentors are still willing to work with incipient judges to get them started. The list is below.


For prospective judges still interested in mentoring, please contact the following in advance to make reservations via their email address!

Name of Mentor                Divisions                Address                                         E-Mail                     

Joan Field                          T, J, N, C               Danville                              

Dan Katzman                   Pictorial                   Clayton                              

Claudia Peterson  
            P, N                         San Jose                           
Barrie Bieler                      P, N, C                    Walnut Creek (Rossmoor) 
Lois Shouse                    T, J, N, C                  Sunnyvale                              

Joe Hearst
                      P, T, C                      Danville                              

Gene Morita                    Pictorial, Prints         San Rafael                         
Burr Preston                   P, T, C, N, Prints        San Francisco                    

Alison Brooks                  Prints ,P, N, C            Hayward                            

Betty Toepfer                   All Categories         Meet at Saratoga Library    

P = Pictorial; PR = Prints; T = Travel; J = Journalism, N = Nature; C = Creative; PI = all projected image divisions
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